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YouTube Channel Subscribers

Let’s immediately answer the important question of this article: why do you need subscribers on YouTube? Followers on youtube are the main asset of your channel, video blog. This asset needs to be constantly increased and worked with it. Subscribers are the engine of your channel. They are the ones who promote your videos in search results with their views, likes, we recommend 5000 youtube subscribers for $ 1.

Work in the system and authorization

To work with the service, authorization is required through the social network in which you are holding a contest. Our service uses standard oAuth authorization through social networks — this is a standard, modern, reliable and secure method of authorization that does not require a login / password (you log in to the social network site and confirm access to the public data of your account to our verified application). This is completely safe and does not affect your account in any way. Authorization is necessary to verify the authorship of the content, process payments and for the correct operation of all checks.

Promotion on YouTube

Previously, it was possible to get up to 300 hundred views from one IP, if I am not mistaken, and many put programs that automatically refresh the page for a new view. But even if this is so, then it will give only 300 views, and to get to the top you need to have more than one thousand. It’s better to buy YouTube views, now there are quality services. Moreover, these views are held and are taken into account by YouTube.
And this service is also good because the views are essentially just a number, the person who watched is not visible behind it. Everything is depersonalized and tracking the wrap in this case is very difficult.
The general logic is simple — in rich and economically developed countries, advertising is more expensive and it brings more money to the channel’s author.

Remember that entering a country in the channel settings will not affect your income. Because it depends on the viewers, their parameters and location, and not on the settings of the channel. And there is another important factor: YouTube does not allow videos to be monetized in which there are violations identified by the Content ID system, as well as cruel content, military operations and other conflicts and tin. These videos will not bring you income.

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